Introducing: WILD WOOD

Logo at Wild Wood street art gallery and store in Kassel, Germany

Let me introduce to you: a street art shop and gallery called Wild Wood in Kassel, Germany. I will always remember how we met these guys at a small diy festival in Dresden. Fabian and Steve came all the way from Kassel to be part of it. We came from Prague and really liked them and what they sold. They liked our notebooks, so a friendship was born. For years now, they are selling our products and even invited us to come to their city to exhibit and party with them.

Fabian answered some questions for us, so you can get to know him better:

Wildwood gallery store Kassel/Germany

Tell us something about yourself!

Hi, i´m Fabian a thirty four year old freelance graphic designer & illustrator from Kassel. I´m running a concept store and a bar and i have two daughters.

How, why and when did you start the shop? Tell us your story.

I started printing my own shirts during my time at art school. I was in an art collective then and we were selling screenprinted shirts to friends. In 2011 I opened Wild Wood Gallery & Store.

Who do you run the shop with? How did you find each other?

I´m running the shop with a good friend of mine, Steve Marshall. We also met during art school.

Who are your customers?

Nice people usually from 16- 70 years old.

Unique skateboard with street art design at Wild Wood street art store and gallery in Kassel, Germany

What are you offering in your shop?

We are focused on street-wear (mostly with organic cotton & fair trade, produced in europe), accessoires, treasures, gifts, handmade items, street art, tattoo, illustration, contemporary art and photography. 

What is your favourite product right now?

I like the art-prints we produce with other artists a lot. It´s always a good feeling to see how wonderfull the artworks looks printed and if you sell it to know it will decorate the home of somebody nicely. 

If you could move the shop to another city anywhere in the world, Where would that be?

Hamburg or Istanbul.

Product in the street art store and gallery Wild Wood in Kassel - Germany

If you wouldn´t run the shop, what other dream job would you have?

I would like to grow weird plants. Working in a botanic garden or doing organic farming sounds good to me.

What is he best thing about your job?

To be my own boss. To live my own rhythm.

Are you involved in art/design yourself besides the shop?

Yes! I do illustration & graphic design! I would like to find more time to do my own art again and not loose all my energy while doing custom works. In the shop we are organising exhibitions with other artists on a regularly basis. We often produce prints or products with the artists we are working with.

Window of Wild Wood, street art store and gallery in Kassel, Germany

Who is our favourite artist?

There are so many artists I like. Could not name a favourite one.

What is your favourite book publication last year?

Sadly, I didn´t find much time to read. The last book I bought was "FOREVER MORE - THE NEW TATTOO" and I read “Ronja Räubertochter" by Astrid Lindgren with my daughter.

Your favourite spot in your town?

By the river and in the big parks, In my vegetable garden.

City or wilderness?

Both please.

Coffee or tea?


Which was the last song you listened to?

Beautiful Baby – William Onyeabor