Introducing: WELTHERZ

Fair fashion shop "Weltherz" in Landau.

There is a nice town in the South-West of Germany called Landau. That´s where Janna has her store “Weltherz” (heart of the world) where she offers fair fashion for men, women and kids, some accessories, jewellery and cosmetics. For a long time she was dreaming of owning a shop with sustainable and fair products. So in September 2016 she decided it was time to start living that dream. That´s when she contacted us to resell Deafmessanger Notebooks and became part of our universe. Her colleague Sophie joined the team last year, after they met in the shop and just loved each other. Sophie is a dressmaker and is working in the shop, where she also designs new dresses for their customers. They really love their kind customers and the conversations they have about green lifestyle and fair fashion.

Owner Janna and her collegue Sophie at the fair fashion shop "Weltherz" in Landau. 

Janna answered a couple of questions for us:

What are the bestsellers this winter?
My bestsellers are eco socks made out of bamboo.

What is your favourite product right now?
My cashmere sweater that keeps me warm in the cold winter!

If you could move the shop to another city anywhere in the world, where would that be?
That would be Munich! I totally love that city!

What is the best thing about your job?
Being my own boss and deciding everything on my own.

If you wouldn´t run the shop, what other dream job would you have?
Having a small farm with some animals, lots of self-grown vegetables and a small café.

    Fair fashion and sustainable goods at "Weltherz" in Landau.

    Your favourite spot in your town?
    In summer the parks and the vineyards around Landau. During winter I love the small cafes and restaurants.

    What was your favourite book publication last year?
    The seven sisters by Lucinda Riley

    What was the last song you listened to?
    Good question?!

    City or wilderness?

    Coffee or tea?

      Flowers on the counter of the fair fashion shop "Weltherz" in Landau.

      Thanks Janna!