Follow us to Berlin - Kreuzberg. That is where one of our favourite shops is located: MODERN GRAPHICS! We work with them for such a long time and we love that overwhelming craziness of weird books and comics that are filling up every inch of the space. Don't try to talk to me when I am in there. I won't be able to take my eyes off all the colours and titles and pay attention.

Whenever we make it to Berlin, the trip to Kreuzberg is basically mandatory. It is always a pleasure to meat Micha, founder of Modern Graphics Comic Books. He answered some questions about himself and his shop.

Micha Wiesler in front of his comic and bookshop Modern Graphics in Berlin, Kreuzberg 

Why and when did you start the shop? 

I opened the first store in 1991 in Kreuzberg. Because I love Comics and weird books. And because I love Kreuzberg in Berlin.

Who do you run the shop with? How did you find your team?

Comic nerds and aficionados do find each other. Most of our employees are former customers.

Who are your customers?

All kinds of people. Comic nerds, people who look for books, Graphic novels or comic books from all over the world that you would not find anywhere else. Tourists. Locals.

What are you offering in your shop and what are bestsellers right now?

All kinds of comics and graphic novels and books in English, German and French. But also a wide variety of strange toys and stuff. Bestselling at the moment are the feminist comics of Liv Strömquist.

What is he best thing about your job?

Books! And working with people who love books.

Inside of the comic and book store Modern Graphics in Berlin, Kreuzberg

If you could move the shop to another city anywhere in the world, Where would that be?

Only Berlin. But we could move Berlin near some mountains or an ocean or both.

Which is your favourite product right now?

Like a good father I don’t have favourites. 

If you wouldn´t run the shop, what other dream job would you have?

No idea.

What was your favourite book publication last year?

Good question. So many. Maybe “Berlin” by Jason Lutes, because he finally finished the story after 22 years in the making and the whole story was released in a beautiful hardcover.

What book publication are you looking forward to?

I am really looking forward for the first Lucky Luke comic by an artist from Berlin, Mawil, coming out in May.

Are you involved in art/design yourself besides the shop?

No. Schuster bleib bei deinen Leisten. Don’t know the english expression.

Inside of the comic and book store Modern Graphics in Berlin, Kreuzberg

Who is our favourite artist?

In history? Carl Barks, Hal Foster & Jack Kirby. Contemporary? Dan Clowes, Robert Crumb, Manu Larcenet. 

City or wilderness?

I really love both. And I need both alternately.

Coffee or tea?


Your favourite spot in your town?

Tempelhofer Feld

Which was the last song you listened to?

Istanbul by They might be giants because it is on the sountdtrack of The Umbrella Academy.