The stands for our products

We love to make notebooks, postcards, diaries etc. but we also love to make stands for our products. To make them is time demanding and not every shop has enough space but once they do we always do our best to make it extraordinary. I love working with driller, grinding machine, sander or crowbar. Almost like living my dream of being a carpenter. Even if it would be just for the smell. You know that lovely smell of wood in the carpenters workshop? I know quite a few carpenters and they all told me the same. You don’t like that smell  anymore after some years. I guess it´s the same for me. Often people visiting our studio tell me how much they love the smell of acrylic spray paint. I don’t like it anymore. Not when I smell it everyday at work. Well, we are not carpenters but here are some photos of our stands.  

Stand for ABC (American Book Center) in Amsterdam

The back of the stand

Luxor - Prague

Mama Coffee - Prague