Limited edition notebook sets

A gift set of notebooks with an original art cover 

If you are looking for a unique present for a really special friend, someone who you want to stay connected with, then we might just have the perfect new street art notebook for you.

limited edition handmade street art notebook

A while ago we were in Bali. My partner Luise’s sister traveled with us. In a little store, they bought two rings made by the same craftsman. Each of the ring was different (circle and square shaped), but it was apparent they belong together. They have been made by one pair of hands.
Luise lives in Prague, and her sister in Berlin. Every time they meet, they switch the rings so that they take turns wearing either the circle or the square until they meet again. Through the rings, they stay connected.
We wanted to create a series of journals adopting this concept – when you unite them, you see that they belong together. Just like the rings being made by the same hands, they are made by the same method, the same material. When separated, each has its unique character and look. Each of them stands on its own – even though it is a piece of a greater whole.

Occasionally we take orders for larger batches of journals. Some of our customers shared with us that they give them to their family, friends, or coworkers – like when recently a lady who ordered 4 diaries wrote us about her 4 daughters. The diaries were for them, so that each can fill one for herself while having something that makes her stay connected to the others. Even if they lived in different parts of the world.

That’s why we want to present a limited edition of journals designed as an exclusive image (no one else can have the same as you). The picture is then divided equally to be put on the cover of each notebook. After you depart to travel the world, you carry a piece of the other one with you. Every time you meet again and show off your notebook, you can enjoy the united Deafmessanger picture. All wrapped in original gift packaging.