2016 - we made it!

It is official: this was the first year I kept a daily diary for our little family. I know its bad advertisement for our products since I should be writing into my diary from the first day I started making them right? I write into my notebook only when I travel and fortunately it’s quite often. Writing daily is something different. It requires discipline. But I managed thinking it would be a good way to record time and our lives. And it is only a few lines to fill every day. But dare you to forget one day. Rewriting from the past is the hardest thing. Suddenly you realize how bad your memory is and how all the days blend in and it is for sure not the lack of events that make it so hard to write something. Its rather a lack of capacity to remember everything while being busy with family, work...LIFE. But I’m getting better and when I give it some thoughts and concentration my brain goes back and pictures certain moments that happened a day or two ago. I do most of the diary entries even though it was Luises idea to start keeping a record of our family life. They had found her grandmas little diaries after her grandparents had passed away and it was amazing to remember some moments that were captured there. Luise is only writing occasionally and we are writing about different things, remembering different moments, having different priorities throughout the day. I love her way of writing - so different from mine. Theo, our son can’t write as he is only 2 years old. So every now and then he draws on empty pages or across the written lines. The year is at its end it is time for the new diary: 365 days - 365 new opportunities.