More of Alphonse Mucha and Franz Kafka

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Some more desings for the Museum of Alphonse Mucha and Museum of Franz Kafka here in Prague.
Unfortunately these books are available only from these two Museums and I dont sell them anywhere else - not even on my website. Thats the deal I have with the Museums.


Franz Kafka

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Saturday fleamarket

Sunday, May 29, 2011

There is this huge flea market here in Prague. Its called Kolbenka and it is paradise. You enter the place at 8 a.m. and leave around 1 p.m. and still you havent seen everything - i mean if you are really looking.
For me its like a time travel place. People look they still live in 20th century or even 19th. And its travel throughout continent as well. You dont hear czech language so often as you think you would when you are in Czech republic. You hear languages similar to ours - russian, ukrainian, croatian.....
And you can bargain here. And i love bargaining. It reminds me of Asia where you have to Bargain coz its a part of deal.

Here are some treasures I found there on Saturday


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Ready for the next Outsiders Tattoo Convention

Sunday, May 29, 2011

My best friend Vitakr gave me this present two days ago when he came back from his 3 and half month long trip to South  East Asia. He bought this bronze tattoo stick in Burma. I love it so much. It wont be just nice decoration to my studio, it will be used as well for tattooing. I cant wait for the next Outsiders Tattoo convention which is held in Tribo Tattoo shop. I will definitely use it there.

Burmese monk at work

For my next clients - this is good inspiration isnt it? :-)


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Buddha statue

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bought this beautiful statue of Buddha in Ubud - Bali. I already  put it to my workshop and burn insence by it every morning before i start working. Im not a budhist but love the aestethic of budhism + i try to burn it everyday no matter if i am in hurry or not. It somehow force me to slow down and helps me to set for the calmer pace. Another thing is it reminds me of my travel as other things i have around me or carry with me reminds me of other travels/places, other times of my life.


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Friday, May 27, 2011

Dnes jsem si v pobočce Světa Her vyzvedl velkou věž Jenga :-)

Márfy po úspěšném tahu...


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I love wrinkled people

Thursday, May 26, 2011

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My favorite tattoo artist tattoed by my favorite tattoo artist

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Some pictures of my friends and great tattoo artists i admire. Peter Bobek of Tribo Tattoo shop and Gallery doing his piece on Lionel Fahys side.




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More of Bali

Monday, May 23, 2011

Here are some more pictures from my recent trip to Bali

Monkeys truly are like people :-)



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Somewhere in Prague

Thursday, May 12, 2011

I had to take a picture of this. Not in London, not in Germany...but Prague


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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Jdu si tak po ulici. Specham na tramvaj. Na zádech těžký batoh, protože jedu na letiště. Kousek od domu potkám pána, jak se hrabe v popelnici a vytahuje skvostné kousky tiskovin. Kdybych měl tak čas, tak se ho zeptám, jestli mi nechce ty věci prodat - nechci se tam hrabat, když je tam on. Přišel první a tak má přednostní právo. No a co se nestane. Tramvaj mi ujede před nosem. Tak jdu za pánem a ptám se, co s knihami a starými novinami zamýšlí. Prej do sběrnýho dvora. Tak se ptám pána, jestli mi to neprodá. Ať to nikam nenosí, že já si to odnesu domů. On, že se mu ta myšlenka líbí a ať mu dám stovku. Tak jsem mu dal dvě stovky a odnesl si nákup domů. Miluji Karlín!

Im walking down the street. Im in hurry to catch a tram. WIth a big backpack, coz im on the way to the airport. On the way just few meters from the house i live in there is a guy dumpstering in the bin for papers. If I would have a time I would stop and ask him if I can buy it from him. I wouldnt dumpster dive there when he is around. He is the one who has found it so he is the one who has a right. When watching him I realized my tram is already gone. So i go and ask him what he is going to do with the books he found. He will bring them to the place where they give you money for the paper. I told him I will buy them from him. He said for 100 Czk they are mine. I gave him 200 and brought them home :-).

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Bali - Lomo

Monday, May 09, 2011

Here is the first part of pictures from my trip to Bali that happened in March. So far it was my shortest trip to Asia so far and I felt guilty to fligh all the way there and spend only 20 days, but I know that next time im there im going to spend much longer. Bali was amazing and even though I havent seen all of it for lack of time i had good insight into its enviroment and get to know alitlle bit of their culture.
Again I met nice people along the way and was stunned by the lenght of their trips - 7, 9, 11 months, two people that are going to travel for another 2 years and right before leaving Bali I felt im getting ready to stay much longer and even thought of extending my ticket for another month. But my girlfriend was here in Prague and I know im leaving for another trip to India in September so I decided to keep on plan and go back home on the day I already had a ticket for. But next time its for longer for sure - there is Java with activ vulcano nearby. Comodo Island with their Komodo Dragons - the largest living lizards in the World or Gili Islands with many turtles you can snorkel time...there is plenty of things to see and experience there that it would be a pity to stay here in the winter.

Staff on the boat getting us to the Manta point near Padang Bai

First Mantas I have seen in my life. They are so beautiful and magic. I wanted to stay down with them forever.

Monkey in Monkey Forest in Ubud. They are beasts! You never know what they gonna do to you....moster monkeyyyyyyssss :-)

Last day in Ubud I let my friend Sylvia to drive me to the nearby Temple.

White tip shark in Tulamben

My only picture of Richard, Vaclav and Karolina I met in Padangbai. Nice to meet people that know you and your friends. It always happen - this kinda meetings and it never surprises me.

This is the last picture i took in Bali. I met these two balinese guys at the airport. They worked in a store there and started to talk to me. They were so nice. One of them was dive master before he started to work at the airport and the other one worked in the guest house. They were really happy to have their steady jobs at the airport and it felt nice to talk to them. Few minutes before my gate opened they asked me if i would do the favor for them. "If i would buy a bottle of Jim Beam for them". Well that was a suprise after this talk. And before i told them i dont really want to buy them this bottle they gave me 17 us $ and explained to me that its too expensive to buy it coz they dotn have a boarding pass and i can buy it for them in the duty free zone for really cheap. So YES i went to that store and bought it. It made them so happy - it made me happy to make them happy. So this is the last picture i took on my Lomo camera and im happy its this one that will always bring me a smile.

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New Hoodie by Sea Shepherd

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Tak jsem dnes otevřel krasnou bilou obalku a v ni objevil krásnou černou mikinu Sea Shepherd, kterou jsem si před dvěma týdny objednal. A udělala mi velkou radost.
Určitě navštivte stránky, kde najdete informace o projekterch, kterými se tahle organizace zabývá. Samozřejmě je můžete i finančně podpořit, ale to už je jen na vás.

Today i opened cute white envelope and in it i found this cute black Hoodie made by Sea Shepherd conservation society. If you havent seen their website make sure you check it out to find out what is this organization about - aparently about protecting ocean wildlife but still there is plenty of info to read. And of course you can donate to support them, but well its just up to you.


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