Diary - 2011 - SOLD OUT

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Limitovana edice diářů na rok 2011 je již vyprodána. Příští várka bude až v přístím roce a to na rok 2012.Máte se naco těšit.

Limited edition of planners for 2011 is SOLD OUT. You will have to wait till new planners for 2012 and there is alot to wait for ;-).


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4 more days and im in warm wathers of Gulf of Siam

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Just 4 more days and im putting on my scuba dive gear and go diving in Gulf of Siam in Thailand.Cant wait to be out of these cold winter days. Not that i dont like winters - i do actually, but not for 5 months so it doesnt feel so long and painfull when i leave for month or two to make it little shorter.I think i should be packing my stuff now as im leaving on Monday, but i think that i can pack on Monday morning. I was about to put some stuff on the pile one hour ago, but than got phone call from my close friend and she kept me on the phone (or did i keep her) until five minutes ago so i decided to skip this part of preparation and do it tomorrow (but if u wanna call me u can).

Im going to stay in Thailand only for about 10 days just to do some scuba diving on Ko Tao and than im going back to Bangkok and than to Laos for about a month. Gosh i just cant wait to be back there. I loved the food, the people and weather when i was there last time.

I also want to add some pictures you emaied me last weeks. Thanks alot for motivation/inspiration!

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One more pic

Friday, January 01, 2010

Came home from New Year Eve party and there was this pic waiting for me. Thanks Cynthia for this beautiful pic!!! I love it!

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Friday, January 01, 2010

Yesterday we walked 20 km throght the mountains to meet with our friends in their house and celebrate New Years Eve. On the way we met guy who asked if we saw his strayed dog. We didnt, but we saw him later on the road. Not dead yet but breathing and unconscios. Some fucker run him over with car and let him on the road. Still dont understand how someone can do it. I understand that this accident happen and i dont want to judge this, coz it can happen to anyone, but why that driver wont stop and try to help the dog? It could save his life. He could save it, but we couldnt. The dog died few minutes after we found it. Wish i would know who did it. Wouldnt hessitate to slap that person in the face. So sad to be reminded again that there are these assholes driving the cars. The same ones that wont stop when they hit the person.

Another ridiculous thing is that people that stoped by the dog few minutes before us called police to tell them to come for the dog. They said they will be there as soon as possible (the town they said they are in is 5 km away), but they wouldnt showed up for 40 minutes we waited there. But the guy whos dog it was did. We helped him to put the dog in the t car and said our sorry - what else we could do i dont know.



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