New York City

Monday, May 11, 2009

So here I am in the New York City, Arrived at JFK and my friend Ann picked me up  and we made it straight to her neighborhood  Brooklyn, walked little bit and ended up eating pizza in the park on Bedfort Avenue. Its always nice to see good friend and know you gonna spend some time together. We bacame friends in Seattle about 8 years .
The second day of my stay in NY i basically just slept and read and ate. Its not what i came here to do, but thats what i felt i need to do being sleep deprived for too long that i just felt i need to sleep and rest otherwise i will fall asleep when walking on the street and falling under the train and will be considered to be another suicidal person who died in NY. Next day i spent with Ann and her friend (Ryler) walking in Brooklyn streets and occasionally stopping to buy a fallafel or vegan cupcake
They also showed me the places packed with Hipsters (like the thrift store by the river) as i wanted to see them so badly, but didnt really know how to recognize them. Well we do have them in Prague as well, but i wanted to see the New York version.

We also went to the exhibition opening which was pretty good and showed work of some really rad young artists. I felt good to be in the place where i dont know nobody except my friend Ann. Still i had been stopped few times and asked about my tattoos and i disappointed this older german couple by telling them “IM NOT MUSICIAN”.  And than they disappointed me by not knowing where Czech Republic is. Its not i would be patriot (opposite being truth), but i would expect them to know coz they were Germans.

I loved work of Sybille Schenker. Reminded me alot of Kara Walker or Nikki McClure.

Funny to meet Blair again. Its one of these kids from the Seattle based Punkin House where i used to live some years ago, who i see quite regularly, coz he has spent  almost 4 years in Czech Republic. He is an amazing guy – smart, funny and its just great to be around him.

Its always great to meet friend in the place where you dont expect to meet them. Amber was my roommate in Seattle and today I met her in Brooklyn.  I just looked outside the window of the coffee shop in the moment she looked in. These “accidental” meetings dont shock me anymore, but always bring smile on my face. Again and again and again Im reminded of how small the World is. So Fuckin small!

more pics....

Kittis cats have pink nails

Richard Colemans artwork

I guess Banksy would call this street art. The workers that spilled the paint there call it an accident...

This is just rad stuff...

Junk thirft store in Brooklyn

Ann and Ryler

Not Warsaw...NYC

With Dave and Davin in Phily


New York calling

This city is just so photogenic..

This wall is changing day...

after day..

after day...

....and there is definitely more to write about NY, but i will do so  when im back from Peru where Im going tomorrow.....

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Sometimes the journey is the destination - but....

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Im on the plane again.
Somewhere between Prague and London. I cant say where exactly, coz the little screen above my head show nothing but speed and distance to destination (125 miles at the moment),  head wind and...and..but cant see the name of the city we are just flying above, but it doesnt matter anyway coz in few minutes we gonna fly above another city, in few minutes we will cross another border. Thats how this kind of traveling works. One minute you  are in one country and in few minutes you are  in another one. Not really seeing how the countryside change, how the people change, how the languages change. You see the beginning of the movie and than the very end, but you have no idea what the story in between is about. So you can just guess or you are lucky enough to have an experience with traveling the same places, but not in the plane, but in the Bus or car or know “on the ground”.
Woke up at 4 after sleeping just few hours as the day before and the day before and the day before....woke up and didnt want to leave, felt comfortable in the bed . But still i woke up, went to the bathroom and washed my face, than still more or less sleeping packed my backpack and left. Left as many times before and as many times before i had to ask myself why do i need to leave? Its not what i have to do – its what i feel i should do, but why?
Fasten your seatbelt – we are landing on London Heathrow Airport in few minutes.
And than? 11 hours on the airport and than? New York. But the question is why?


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