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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dnes ve schrance objevil email od Mišajze. Poslal mi fotku svého deníku na cestách po Skotsku. Jsem rad, že jsem zase dostal fotku od kluka. Ne, že by mě ty s holkama nebavily - opak je pravdou, ale uz jsem měl strach, že vlastníky mých deníků jsou pouze ženy. Nebo to byl jeden z mála odvážných mužů, kteří se o fotku chtěli podělit s ostatními. Každopádně díky moc Mišajz!!!

I checked my email today and found there picture of this guy with my diary. So good to see some pics from man coz i started to be afraid that these are only women that buy/get my journals. Or maybe men just dont feel the urge to share these pics with others.
But anyway. Thanks Misajz!!!


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X-mass time

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

If there is one thing i like about xmass is that i dont have to work and i dont have to do anything that I usually do.  I go to my hometown where  I eat alot, sleep alot and relax as much as i can. Its so different from my life in Prague where I live quite a hectic life. Than of course I love to see my family and my friends that  were smarter than me and didnt move to big city and stayed in the comfort of their hometown. Sometimes i envy them so much, coz i know that for me its almost impossible to move from Prague as i became so used to living there. 
This year i even I managed to get present for my family. Grabbed some books for my pals and made this big canvas for my brother who asked me to make one for his new apartment he shares with his girlfriend. SO i cut the stencils on 22nd and put them on the white canvas on 23th. Than took it home on 24th. I will post the photo of it when i get it from my Bro.

Friend of mine  asked me to show him pictures from trip to NY and when we went through these pictures i realized there are still too many pictures that i didnt post on my blog and with this time i have here i decided to do it.

Seeing these pictures again it reminds me of how much i miss NY. Wanna grab my bike in April or May and go back there for at least 4 weeks, coz there is too much i havent seen there and i just miss the atmosphere of that city. So unique and special that its hard to describe to those that havent seen/experience it yet.


Beautiful bikes everywhere....

anywhere i went i found some great street art pieces. Next time im there  i have to do one as well.

cars in Chinatown...

When i was 22 i wanted to be Babysitter....now i wanna walk the dogs

Times square is crazy place. Good to see it, but staying there for few hours i would end up in mental institution...

I first heard about Ben Frost in 7th Rugged magazine. Than we picked up this  flyer in one gallery in Brooklyn and we decided to go and check out his exhibition. This aussie guy rocks!

free beer.....

good dancers....

cameras rolling...

more free beer...

trendy looking people...

good looking Djs

With Anicka in National Museum of American History

On the way to the Flea Market....

eating tasty and cheap sushi...

Anns friend Ryler said these are doors of Vice headquarter....maybe they really are...

Gandalf few seconds before attacking my camera


Dave told me that Phily has more Murals than any other city in the States

Well this is where i come from - Moravia. Good to see the streed named after my birthplace.

I love ethiopian food so we went to ethiopian restaurant in Phily

Dave and Davin have such a beatiful house

Daves (from the band Kingdom) guitar

Dumpster divers gallery in Phily

On the way to Coney Island

Flea Market in Brooklyn

I always pick books from the sidewalk to use them later for my work. When i saw those i wanted to take them as well, but than i realized they are czech books and i can get plenty of them in Czech republic :-) so i just left them there.

We look so smart...

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Sang Bleu

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sabrina was the first person who introduced me to the  Sang Bleu magazine. Met her in the streets of Barcelona and she became my guide for that night - showing me nice places i wouldnt find with the map and told me stories about these places that may be or may be not true even though i know she believes they are and so i do...but you know...the stories.
In her place we spoke about tattoos, coz both of us have them, both of us love them. This is where she showed me the first and second issue of S.B. - beautiful pictures printed on grey, recycled paper - the one i love the most, coz it reminds me of newspaper. Besides finding there pictures of people i know personally (Josh from To Kill or Ruth from Barcelona) i found pictures of tattooes i always wanted to see as i usually dont like magazines about tattooing - not for the articles but for the pictures of the tattoos that are not really interesting.
Today i spent couple of hours browsing S.B. website: www.sangbleu.com and watched beautiful work of S.B. contributors Adrian Vilson and Maxime Buechi to mention a few. Than when my eyes got tired of watching all these pictures i went to its "writing" section and read and read and read until i started to write this blog.

If you seek for inspiration, if you seek for motivation, if you seek for beauty you shouldnt miss the website.


And when you get tired of tattoos....you can just read....

She didn’t mean what she said. I’m fairly certain of that. Or, if she did mean what she said, she probably didn’t mean for what she said to come out the way that she said it. Perhaps she didn’t mean for it to come out at all. I remember she turned her head slightly to the left afterward (I was on her right), a gesture I interpreted at the time as regret, though it is possible, in hindsight, that she turned her head to the left to clear her view (she has very long hair, this woman) and the thought of regret never even entered her mind. I want to give her the benefit of the doubt. I have not known her long. She is not one of my oldest friends. She is not, technically, my friend at all. She is the wife of a friend. This is the fact I find most irritating. I am often irritated when forced to make small talk with women who are married to friends of mine. I do not like small talk and am not good at making it. I was already annoyed at being left alone with her. This was before she made the remark in question. Perhaps if I had not been so annoyed I would not have been listening quite as carefully to what she was saying and would not now be hearing her words over and over again in my head as though they were an oral grocery list or set of daily affirmations. I don’t want to think that she meant what she said. What she said was very unkind. If she meant the unkind thing that she said it stands to reason she is an unkind person and if she is an unkind person what sort of person then is my friend, her husband? I have always believed my friend to be a kind man. Perhaps he too is unkind but is better at disguising his unkindness. I cannot remember a time when my friend acted in an unkind manner or made an unkind remark but maybe this is because I am never annoyed at being left alone with him and therefore pay little attention to the things he does and says. It is possible he has made many unkind comments in my presence over the years. He has very unusual eyes, my friend, the color of molasses, and I often find myself staring into them as though held in place by a visual stickiness. His wife’s eyes are not unique. They are blue or green or some combination of the two. They are a color you would expect.

Text © Elizabeth Ellen


And finally hero of this BLOG: Sabrina


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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Its been more than ten years ago when i saw this band Endstand from Finland live near my home town. It was one of the first hardcore band i ever seen in my life and i remember talking to my friends in the car on the way back from the show. All of us just amazed by the energy and honesty of their performance. I have seen them many times afterward. Maybe 15 maybe 20 times i cant say. They had been one of the most active band in european hardcore scene - touring Europe for at least once a year and so far playing hundreds of shows. Meeting these guys quite offen it was always pleasure to see them  - talk to them and enjoy time at the venue they played - venue i came to see them. Last year they broke up, but i have been it touch with their singer Janne and we talked about my work and about the possibility to make custom diaries for their fans. Janne owns the shop in Helsinki (" Combat Rock Shop www.fireinsidemusic.com/shop/) so i sent him first package last week. I have chosen issue of their album "Burning Bridges" that i love and the lyrics from this album really touched me coz when i heard it for the first time i was in the life period when i had burned few important personal bridges myself and their song "Bridges Burned" fit well to this period. They have a plan to make european reunion tour in 2010 and i will probably make some more stuff for them. Im so happy they asked me to do so - they are and always will be one of the most important band of my life!!!

Btw if you dont know Endstand visit their myspace and check them out - these guys kick ass!!!

after you treated yourself like shit, for so many years, who do you think will come, and wipe off your tears? who will offer a shoulder, you can lean onto, who's going to give an ear, you can tell your worries to? can't fix the heart that has been, shattered apart too many times, can't find the right pieces, to fix the broken heart. it takes strength of will
to get back on the feet again. it takes guts and pride, to dare to stand up high, when the legs have been swept, after hitting the ground on your face. when the bridges have been burned. -no place to go, when there's no place to turn, -no place to go

When standing on the line means giving up I promise to take one step ahead. When silence means acceptance without questions I promise not to stay quiet. How long can we live as we want if we choose to admit everything? We're not supposed to be slaves on your machinery We're not supposed to be victims on your hook I'll burn the page you wrote about me I'm more than you know... I'm more than ink in your book Keep screaming... Never fall into silence

This was my favourite Line-up ("Never fall into silence" album) . Far right there is my friend Jani who now sings in the band Deathbed - definitely worth checking out.

Asked my friend Alexandra deLarge to make these fabric bags for the diaries

The first delivery for Combat Rock Shop



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Brand new Diary

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I have a friend and she has been asking me to make "japanese" diary for her as she is so much into japanese culture.I finally decided to make this design and im quite satisfied with it and hope she will be as well when she gets it from me.

Jedna kamarádka mě už dlouho prosí o "japonský" diář, protože se o japonskou kulturu už dlouho zajímá. Nakonec jsem vytvořil tento design, se kterým jsem vážně spokojený a doufám, že bude i ona až ho dostane.

Ok so now this diary is really functional as you can eat your sushi with the chopsticks that you will find on the inside of the cover page and than you can replace them with the pen  or wash the chopsticks and and use them repeatedly :-).

The chopsticks detail...

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Tattoo Convention in Berlin 2007

Sunday, February 01, 2009

I went through my old computer and found these pictures from nice weekend i spent in Berlin in the winter 2007. I dont really like Tattoo Conventions, but there were some high-lights there that made it more exciting and comfortable.

Dnes jsem se hrabal ve složkách mého starého počitače a našel jsem v něm fotky z Tattoo Convention v Berline v zimě 2007. Všeobecně akce tohoto typu nemám příliš v lásce, ale "konvence" v berlinském Friedrichshainu je opravdu na úrovni a bylo k vidění spousta zajímavé práce. Navíc  jsem tam byl s Peterem a Michalem z pražského Tribo Tattoo a tak jsem měl o zábavu postaráno.

This was my favourite studio from San Francisco doing traditional bamboo tattoo. There have to be two people present during the tattooing process - one who do stretch the skin of tattooed person and other one who actually do the tattoo. It was pleasure to watch them working.

wondering what music she was listening to.....

Tribo tattoo....two badgers in work

Came over the Modern Graphics store and found my journals displayed in the shopping window.

Our stand at the Tattoo Convention

I love this poster pasted on the apartment building in Kreuzberg





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Japanesse writing

Sunday, February 01, 2009

I was short of the Japanesse books i regularly use for my journals so i asked my friend Robyn, who i met in Lao last spring, to send me some old books from Tokio where she lived for some time. She went to the city quater packed with "second hand" bookshops and grabed old books and magazines she tought would fit to my work. Here is what i found in the box she sent me just one day before she left for her long trip to India and Nepal.

Před nedávnem jsem zjistil, že mi pomalu začínají docházet japonské knížky, které jsem nakoupil v Bankoku a jelikož je rád používám pro své diáře, poprosil jsem kamarádku Robyn Watanabe, která v té době žila v Tokiu, aby mi nějaké staré knihy koupila a poslala poštou. Zašla do jedné tokijské čtvrti, která je plná antikvariátů  a nakoupila knížky a magazíny. Tohle jsou poklady, které mi poslala den před jejím odjezdem na dlouhou cestu po Indii a Nepálu.

It really was like  X-mass for me :-)


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Postcards - this is what i started with....

Sunday, February 01, 2009

In 2005 i started to make postcards and i had been selling them in few shops here in Prague. I dont make them anymore, but i still like them alot.

V roce 2005 jsem začal vyrábět tyto pohlednice a prodával jsem je v pár pražských obchodech. Dnes už je nedělám, ale pořád mě baví.


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More jounals...

Sunday, February 01, 2009


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