September photos

Saturday, October 05, 2013

800 postards for Lyon

Interview for the Czech TV about the exhibition and our work in our studio.

New designs for the bags for the Museum of Franz Kafka

New postcards for F. Kafka Museum

Flyer for the exhibition Connected

Mr. Sailor with his new girlfriend

Two lovely girls

the Bee and the Bee

Frida and her new plastic friend

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Article about my exhibition - Connected!

Friday, October 04, 2013

Finally I managed to make my own exhibition. The opening was on 25th September it was cool to see many people that came to check what I do besides working on Deafmessanger notebooks. You can read short article about this exhibition HERE. I wanna thank all the people that attended the exhibition and people from Tribo Tattoo Shop and Gallery that helped me so much to make it happened. I also wanna thank Martin Tvrdy aka Bonus who was the Dj of the night and of course my girlfriend who helped me to install the exhibition and calmed me down when I started to freak out almost everyday for about a week before the exhibition started.

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Deafmessanger - Connected - článek o výstavě

Friday, October 04, 2013

Děkuji všem, kteří jste se přišli na výstavu podívat. Především klukům z Triba, kteří výstavu uspořádali. Také Martinu Tvrdému aka Bonusovi, který ji řídil zpoza Djejského stolečku. Také děkuji mé přítelkyni, která  mi pomohla výstavu nainstalovat a zklidňovala mě při výbuchu zoufalosti, který se dostavoval párkrát denně po dobu týdne před vernisáží.

ZDE naleznete článek o výstavě Connected, která probíhá v Tribo Tattoo and Gallery v Lidické ulici c. 8.


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I love feedback - I love this one!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Hi :)

I just wanted to tell you that I fell in love with your notebooks right away when I discovered them the other day in a cute little shop in Germany.

It was the day before my boyfriends birthday and I was so glad I found sth. so perfect and wonderful to give to him.

I spent the night personalizing the little notebook I chose by putting photos inside, little snippets of old love letters we had written years ago, and some words from me to him.

He opened the present and it took him some time to flip through the pages, stroke the cover, read and watch everything that was inside. He cried for almost 10 minutes :) 

Thank you so much for creating such wonderful pieces, they are perfect. 

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